Lets build a #microdonation movement

What if today, just today, everyone donated $5 to charity instead of buying a coffee, a beer, lunch, that scarf in the window?

Unlike a charity, my goal is to encourage you to support ANY charity you want. No bucket challenge, no donation per tweet, no walking, giveaways, dream homes, or anything else. Just a microdonation. Some pretty ridiculous words have been added to the dictionary the past few years (YOLO), so this year lets together push microdonation in there by DOING IT. Do I expect you to give up every lunch, or cup of coffee, or pint of beer? No way, you worked hard for your money. I am hoping every once in a while you decide to donate $5 instead of that purchase. I want you to join me in changing the world, one person at a time.

This movement doesn’t matter who you are, or how much money you make because it falls on the power of sharing the spirit. If 100 followers or friends of yours on social media each donated a $5 microdonation to a charity THIS WEEK, that is $500. But what if you have 100000 followers? Imagine the impact of $500000 to a charity. What if you are not on social media? You can tell your friends. Phone them, write them, tell them when you see them, that $5 can change the world.

Spread the word. Let’s start talking about the power of 5 loonies or 5 $1 bills, 20 quarters, a fin: In my city, $5 will buy lunch for 5 kids; socks for a homeless person; toiletries for the working poor, or homeless; one and a half dinners for a homeless person; and gloves, underwear and toques for kids that live in shelters as examples. Yes, there are kids living in shelters. I would love to know what $5 will buy for your favourite charity. Ask them! I collect no money because people donate directly to the charity THEY WANT. You can message me here, or @5dollarsfridays or Facebook.com/5DollarFriday to share favourite local charities.