A busy lunch crowd

Sometimes I am asked about the idea behind $5 Friday, and today confirmed it for me. I was out for lunch with a group of co-workers. I was in the same restaurant on Monday with a different group of people, and it was a ghost town. But today, Friday, it was packed.

Friday is the end of the week, and it is obviously a popular time for people to have lunch, a beer after work, or a night out. My group was fairly conservative with most meals in the $15 range, but there were definitely some $25 meals around us. On a day we learned that Calgary has climbed to an 8.4% unemployment rate, there were clearly a whole lot of people enjoying a meal out. Which is why I thought Friday was the perfect day to encourage people to donate $5.

You have the money for a beer, or lunch out, or those new shoes, so could you find $5 to donate to charity today? And because I really want this microdonation idea to grow, I want you to post where you donated $5 to either in the comments on this page, or on the Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/FiveDollarFriday/ and I will match the first TEN donations. YOU pick the charity, and make the donation….and then share the link for the rest of us to see so that others can donate as well.





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