Microdonation for $1 million Alex….

Last blog I referred to the power of $5, and what happens if you tell a few friends, who each tell a few friends and so on. But what about the theory that we are all separated by just 6 degrees of separation…..or even less. Who do you know? Who are you connected to?

Lets look at the power of celebrities a little bit more. Ellen Degeneres for example has 24 million followers on her Facebook page, and 55 million followers on Twitter. There are likely too many crossover followers to figure out, but it doesn’t really matter when you see that power even 100 people holds.

If each of my 1100 followers retweeted this blog to Ellen, a very small portion of her 55 million Twitter followers would see it, and they would possibly retweet. Ellen also has staff that are drawn to odd behaviour on social media, so at some point it might catch their attention. But what if only 10% of my followers were to tweet out the message about a #microdonation and #5DollarFriday, that means 110 people shared it. But if all 110 shared it directly with Ellen, and only .2% of her followers saw it, that is 1,100,000 people that can share the word. If only 10% of those people made a donation somewhere, that is an additional $550000 to charity that would not have otherwise been donated. In one week. And Ellen is one person, that happens to support 45 different charities. I bet every one of them would love a $5 donation.

The important thing to realize, is that $5 Dollar Friday IS NOT a charity. I do not want you to send me money, or send money to my favourite charity. And this is why it can be so big to celebrities or those with large number of followers. But it can be equally big to those those do not. Even charities themselves can join the microdonation movement. 

Learn about charities where YOU live. That impact your life, or your neighbours life. Or your friends life. Or that simply makes a difference in your community. Like I said last week, no bucket challenge. No luge race. No walk. This is so much easier.

I am not asking you to give up food on your table to help someone else. I am asking you to change how you think. You don’t need a tax receipt for the 3 coffee you are buying today, so why not buy 2 coffees and donate $5 to a charity? Why not have a a cheaper menu item at lunch and kick the extra $5 to charity?

Lets do this together. Lets change the world. Five dollars at a time.


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