The power of 5, and 5 and 5 and 5

Back in the 80’s, some brilliant marketing company recognized the power of using the beautiful Heather Locklear to teach us that “It was so good, I told two friends about it. And they told two friends. And so on and so on.” And it worked. Now imagine if everyone aware of #5dollarFriday did the same thing?

Lets take it one step further. What role can media play in spreading a movement or influencing people. In the last federal election, Canadians voiced their outrage that Prime Minister Harper manipulated the media limiting journalists access. More recently, the Alberta Government has come under scrutiny for deciding who is worthy of press credentials to attend their press conferences and announcements. Politicians get all sorts of media coverage whether they try to block access or not.

Charities on the other hand do not. In fact, I contacted several people I personally know in the media about my idea and with the website url. I contacted celebrities too. There was no interest. None. YET. This movement is in its infancy; We cannot change the world overnight! But here is a feel good story, that people are often looking for, put in their laps, and I am pretty sure, some did not even bother to click the link to this page. But many of you did. In fact, in 2 weeks, 188 of you did, so thank you!

In particular, one guy studying broadcasting in Vancouver did. One guy, that happened to already have his own podcast with a following. My interviewer likely would not be able to gain access to the Alberta Government press conferences either, but he was one person the thought my idea was important to share. He wanted to know…..could this work in Vancouver. YES! In fact, this can work ANYWHERE! He wanted to know, would I do an interview? Well, as a matter of fact, I would be in Vancouver a few days later, so YES I WOULD!

It was odd for me to sit in a radio studio, staring at a big microphone, sitting across from my interviewer, unsure of what questions I would be asked. He asked about the people sleeping on the street in the rain on our walk to the studio. He asked about the charities, the people, the movement, and the power of a microdonation. My interviewer asked some great questions, and made me feel comfortable to share my vision, my idea, my excitement. To be honest, I haven’t heard the interview myself. But today, the podcast has been released, and segments will air in Vancouver, and hopefully word will travel.

Consider this: One person said they will wait until they get a tax receipt and then donate. I get it, but not the point. Not all of us have the $20 for the tax receipt. Not all of us are conscious enough to commit that $20 at the end of the month. This is about our habits. Noticing the person sleeping on the street corner while you are waiting in the drive-thru for your $5 coffee. Noticing the kid that looks like they haven’t eaten a meal in days. Noticing your neighbour has Meals on Wheels deliver them food. This is about changing the world, $5 at a time, not one tax receipt at a time. Most people will not think twice about their second coffee of the day and that is the point here. It is just $5! You don’t need a tax receipt for your coffee, or lunch, or a beer after work, do you?

About that Heather Locklear commercial. Imagine if you donated $5 every Friday to your favourite charity. Or every second Friday, or once a month, or whenever you felt like it, or could afford it. It doesn’t come to me. You donate to YOUR favourite charity, no strings attached. Now imagine if you told 5 friends. And they told 5 friends. And so on and so on. We could build this into a movement. A MICRODONATION MOVEMENT. We could even call it a bucket challenge….but the bucket is full of $5 bills. We don’t need the media to build this, we just need each other. Imagine if, just today, each of your friends on social media donated $5 just once, and they each told 5 friends. Imagine the POWER OF 5. Where are you going to donate $5 today?

Donated somewhere? Let us all know which charity and why you like them either on Twitter #5DollarFriday or @5dollarsfridays,  or comment here.

So about that interview… can listen to it here: Agree or Disagree: The Podcast

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