What did you have for lunch today?

Hopefully by now, you know a little more about my #microdonation movement and how $5 can change the world. If not, click on the ‘About’ page, and the ‘Lets build a #microdonation movement’ page for the background.

Maybe I am going too big, trying to kick this movement off everywhere at once, but it is just so easy for anyone to do. Do you have a favourite charity? What could they do with a $5 donation? Now what could they do with one hundred $5 donations? Or a thousand? Or ten thousand? I wanted to kick off this campaign with the charity that first showed me how far $5 can go and how valuable every dollar is.

Allow me to introduce to you a charity that would love your $5. They are Brown Bagging It for Calgary Kids. I suspect that no matter what city you are in, there may be a similar charity, and the Salvation Army runs a similar nationwide program, although I have no idea how they resource their donations.

Brown Bagging It focuses on providing a lunch for kids in school, that otherwise may not get one. I think their website, http://bb4ck.org says what they do the best:

“Through the work of community groups and volunteers, we provide lunches for approximately 2,900 kids each day. Lunches are prepared in our main kitchen, and in various other locations by community groups including retirees, parent groups and local businesses.”

How do they find the kids that need it?
“Nourishment is available to any young person who arrives at school without enough to eat. BB4CK works with school staff members to identify needs and to plan how best to make sure hungry students get the nutrition required to think clearly and learn. By enabling better education outcomes, BB4CK gives students a hand up, not just a handout.”

Brown Bagging It is able to produce healthy lunches at a cost of only $1 thank to in-kind partners which can also be found on their website.

So today, I am asking you, what did you have for lunch today? Please consider donating $5 to Brown Bagging It for Calgary Kids. Not only would they love your $5, but they can also accept your old car, or even Air Miles. More information on donating can be found here: http://bb4ck.org/donate-now/

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