5 bucks can change the world, just 5 bucks!

In 2014, there were 1,195,194 people in my hometown.

Of that, 284931 were 19 and under, and 120199 were 65 and older for a total of 790000 remaining adults.

If I use a 10% poverty level, imagine if the remaining 711000 people each donated $5 to a local charity once a year instead of a Starbucks coffee, or a pint of beer, or a Friday lunch out. Now imagine if your city is Vancouver or Los Angeles, or New York, or even some small town in the middle of nowhere….it works the same no matter where you are!

That works out to over $3.5 million dollars a year to local charity!! FIVE BUCKS!!

So this Friday, and every Friday, I want you to think about that 3rd stein of beer you are drinking, or your Starbucks order, or having a cheaper item for lunch, and consider if you have $5 dollars to spare for a charity.

Think $5 dollars isn’t much? Every week, I will remind you of what $5 can buy. Like 5 lunches for a kid that otherwise won’t have lunch at school. Or 1.5 dinners at the Mustard Seed. Or a special memory from Disneyland for a kid with Dreams Take Flight.

Can $5 make a difference? YES!

Together, we can change the world. Together, we can BUILD SOMETHING TOGETHER. And the best part is, it doesn’t matter WHERE you live, or WHAT your favourite charity is. Donate your $5 wherever you want! And tell your friends!

Don’t forget to ‘like’ the Facebook page http://www.Facebook.com/FiveDollarFriday/?fref=ts and follow on Twitter @5dollarsfriday or #5DollarFriday

What are YOU going to do to change the world??

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